More farm animals infected and so is your food! Disease Risk to Italian Mozzarella
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Old Codger
2008-01-20 17:56:07 UTC
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Disease Risk to Italian Mozzarella Output (DJ)
Source: Dow Jones Newswires

London, Jan. 17 - The production of one of Italy's best known exports,
mozzarella, is under threat from an infection spreading through herds
of water buffalo, the BBC reports on its Web site Thursday.

The Italian government has set up an emergency commission to try and
stop the spread of the disease, which affects milk production.

The plains of Campania, around Naples, are home to large buffalo
herds. As much as 30% of the herd who live in the shadow of Mount
Vesuvius are reported to be infected, the BBC says.

In the next two months, the Italian government will start the
slaughter of 32,000 buffalo, infected with Brucellosis - a contagious
bacterial disease that in livestock leads to abortion, infertility and
reduced milk production.
Old Codger
2008-01-20 20:25:30 UTC
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Old Codger wrote:

No he didn't. It was that nym shifter Pete trying to attract attention
*yet* again.
Old Codger
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