Support Early Day Motion to Reject Badger Cull
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Old Codger
2008-01-26 13:33:45 UTC
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Support Early Day Motion to Reject Badger Cull

Paul Flynn MP has submitted an Early Day Motion (EDM 240) calling for
the support of other MPs to reject the Government chief scientist Sir
David King's call for a badger cull to curb bovine Tuberculosis (bTB)
in cattle. Bovine TB is caused and spread by the often filthy, crowded
and poorly ventilated conditions in which cows are kept, and by the
increasingly intensive regimes to which the animals are subjected.
Farmers refuse to accept responsibility for the spread of the disease,
choosing rather to scapegoat badgers instead.

The EDM reads:

‘That this House rejects the evidence-free call for a mass slaughter
of badgers, in contradiction of the proof of a 10-year detailed
scientific study and the assurance of Professor John Bourne that
badger culling will have no impact on reducing the spread of bovine
tuberculosis; notes that the virtual extermination of badgers in the
Republic of Ireland has failed to reduce the incidence of
tuberculosis, which is currently twice as high as in the UK; further
notes that British areas where badgers have been culled show a four
fold increase in cases; and believes that the £80 million paid to
farmers in free insurance for cattle destroyed in 2006 should be
phased out to encourage farmers to restrict non-essential animal
movements, which are the principal cause of cattle infections.’

Read our news release about Sir David King's statement

Visit this page to see if your MP has already signed

Email your MP about this issue

Background information on bTB
Old Codger
2008-01-26 18:59:43 UTC
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Old Codger wrote:

Not me. Pete the troll is performing the old 'forge headers and copy
and paste garbage' trick again. He has also done this on the following
four posts:

Toys Are Us Promotes Cruelty;
Stop the barbaric killing of Spanish hunting dogs;
Help Ban Cruel Snares in Scotland;
First we have RSPB led slaughter of UK hedgehogs endangering a species.
Now ducks are heading the same way.
Post by Old Codger
Support Early Day Motion to Reject Badger Cull
As Pete never reads what he posts and desires only to provoke
argument it is safest to assume that anything he espouses is
at least unsafe and probably malicious.
Old Codger
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