Bang goes a "turkey"
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Old Codger
2008-03-24 12:00:15 UTC
Now, there's a bit of poetic justice.
POLK COUNTY, Fla. -- A camouflaged hunter sitting in a tree was
accidentally shot and killed Friday by another hunter trying to shoot
a turkey, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators said Michael Shane Hasting, 40, was hunting with his
6-year-old son at the River Ranch Acres Hunt Club Friday and spotted a

Hasting fired at the turkey and moved forward to see if he hit the
bird. He then discovered that he accidentally shot Randall Williamson
of Pompano Beach.

Williamson was in the wooded area sitting in what is known as a
squatter's chair and wearing camouflage clothing and mesh over his
face, according to a Polk County sheriff's news release. He was also
holding a camouflage shotgun.

Detectives are treating the incident as an accidental shooting and no
charges will be filed, according to officials.
Old Codger
2008-03-24 23:10:14 UTC
Old Codger wrote:

Not a word. Pete the troll is performing the old 'forge headers and
copy and paste garbage' trick again.
Now, there's a bit of poetic justice.
As Pete never reads what he posts and desires only to provoke
argument it is safest to assume that anything he espouses is
at least unsafe and probably malicious.
Old Codger
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