more food scares
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Old Codger
2008-02-15 11:11:27 UTC
On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 10:48:41 +0000, Niall
On Thu, 14 Feb 2008 22:17:28 +0000, Derek Moody
ahhh a trannie and rude:)
So you are but we're not fussy here.
I don't know who started the crossposting, but this is exactly what I
dislike about it.
For once it wasn't Pete (Julie), it was Jane. It appears she was
responding to a query on FMD from someone on uk.food+drink.misc.
Pete usually adds at least six groups whenever he responds in a thread.
He hasn't done that this time (yet) either. It seems he is so
He didn't pay the renewal fee for his alt.net account so it's a bit tricky
for him adding groups through remailers atm. He'll probably find another
route soon enough :-(
Looks like our Derek has been using sockies and cancels. Why are you
hiding Derek? For a gossip you hardly ever post under
Just how many groups does the man want to invite his trolling in? Lets
try his fishing groups for starters.

During the interval hers a story about a man called Derek who likes to
dress up as a puppet!!


Something to pass the time. A story that makes no sense, from Derek
the fake.

Page 1

The 250,000,000 Mile Gang and the Secret Moon.

Derek Moody
2, Victoria Terrace,
01305 268850
***@casterbridge.netWord count: 80,000
Page 2
Chapter 1Joining.A bright red spark shot from of the distant twank.
Henry watched his father swinging thecatch rope. The red telltale came
closer. He let out more and more of the rope that hewhirled around
until suddenly it tangled with the throwing line just behind the
glowingtelltale.'Line two caught.'Henry's father fed the line to a
winch, wound in the throwing line and drew the mooringline to the
belay.'Line two belayed.''Taking slack.''Stand by Henry.''Yes Dad.
Line three checking aim.' Henry turned and sighted along the line
thrower,careful not to let his visor collide with the butt. His
target, another twank, was passing about250 metres away. Two space
suited figures stood, heads towards him, by the winches on itsnear
side. One of them waved.'All ready workshop,' the voice was much
lazier, almost a drawl. 'Time to declutchSilver.''Line one
declutched.''Line two coming tight.'Henry tensed his finger on the
trigger. He had to shoot line three before line two jerkedhis aim off
but line one must be allowed to slip or the workshop, his target,
would be pulledout of place.'Line one slipping.''Line two tense.'Henry
squeezed the trigger. 'Line three telltale blue launched,' he
broadcast. The bluespark shot away and the power winch threw off line
after it. Henry moved to the winchcontrol. Voices crackled over the
workgroup channel.'Line two braked at 340 metres.'Secret Moon1
Page 3
'Line one still slipping.'Henry glanced at the meter on his winch, it
blurred past 300.'Line three caught,' came the drawl again.Henry
disengaged the power and briefly applied the brake, 'Snubbing three,'
he reported.Heavy mooring line was spooling off the winch now.'Line
three belayed''Taking slack,' broadcast Henry, setting the winch to
wind in.'Line one still slipping.''Start feathering Silver.''Line one
feathering.'Henry realised that the young voice must be his cousin,
all voices sound a little differentover suit com. 'Line three taking
slack.' he announced. He felt the dom lurch as the tensionfrom line
two began to pull them onto a new vector. He glanced down to check his
safetyline.'Line three coming tight.' It was too. If the young voice
was Silver then the drawl mustbe his Uncle Grin.The winch was suddenly
slowing under load.'Line three tight, take it slow Silver.''OK Pops,'
Silver's transmission crackled slightly.Henry applied the brake. 'Line
three braked at 262 metres,' he reported.'Line one feathering at
235.''Hold line one at 240,' came the drawl again.'Line one at braked
at 240.'Henry looked along the cable he had just set. It was twanging
in huge, slow waves. Hecould feel the dom surging slightly in response
and realised that he now had weight, notmuch, but there was definitely
an up and a down. Henry's home was now part of a gianttriangle slowly
turning in space. For months Brightside had been floating alone,
waiting,spinning on its own axis to provide a sort of gravity.
Yesterday they had strapped everythingdown and stopped the spin ready
for the link-up. The family had been busy reorganisingSecret Moon2

Mmm! I think that will do Drek LOL
Old Codger
2008-02-15 21:25:25 UTC
Old Codger wrote:

No. Pete the troll is playing wannabe master forger again.
Post by Old Codger
During the interval hers a story about a man called Derek who likes to
dress up as a puppet!!
As Pete never reads what he posts and desires only to provoke
argument it is safest to assume that anything he espouses is
at least unsafe and probably malicious.
Old Codger
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