1 CONservation hooliganism is a failure. See what happens when you try to play God. Rats! Cull of mink causes new scourge
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Old Codger
2008-03-21 21:52:54 UTC
Classic example of CONservation hooliganism being a huge failure. The
RSPB et al, Nazi inclined obsession with alien species that has led
to the wholesale slaughter of millions of animals from ruddy ducks, to
rare black rats. From forcing unhealthy populations of red squirrels
together in man made colonies, to over breeding of sea birds causing
starvation due to declining foods. It's one big cock up and it's
costing us the tax payer millions.

Isn't it about time we gave the CONservation hooligans the boot and
put real men in to conservation?

Rats! Cull of mink causes new scourge


IT IS a prime example of the law of unintended consequences. The
high-profile £1.5m campaign to kill mink and save seabirds in the
Western Isles has led to an explosion in the numbers of egg-eating
rats, say Hebridean crofters.
Although conservationists are claiming the rats are no more plentiful,
only bolder, locals believe that the mink were keeping the rats in
their place.

Conservationists have been trying to eliminate mink from the islands
after a small number escaped in the 1960s and began breeding and
spreading across the Outer Hebrides. Mink are indiscriminate killers
and attack seabirds, poultry, nests and eggs, killing everything they

Experts believe they have cleared the "Southern Isles" of North Uist,
Benbecula, South Uist and Barra of the predators. But locals believe
that the rats, which were terrified of the mink are now attacking
nests, too, and causing damage around crofts.

Local Donald MacLeod said: "We definitely notice the difference since
they started cracking down on the mink; there are a lot more rats
around and they are a menace. No-one liked the mink very much, but
they did help in keeping the rats down."

But Iain Macleod, who manages the Hebridean Mink Project for Scottish
Natural Heritage, said: "There is no evidence that there are any more
rats than before. What is clear is that the rats are changing their
behaviour. They are coming out more often, and while they do cause
damage to seabirds, they are nothing like as destructive as the mink.
The key way to keep the rats under control is to store feed in places
where the rats cannot get to it."

Mink were introduced to the Western Isles in the 1950s and 1960s in
attempts at commercial farming in Lewis.

Up to 10,000 adult mink are thought to have colonised the islands,
with several hundred in the Uists.

The full article contains 321 words and appears in Scotland On Sunday
newspaper.Last Updated: 01 March 2008 8:50 PM
Old Codger
2008-03-21 22:39:17 UTC
Old Codger wrote:

Nowt. It's a Pete the troll cut and paste and never mind the
copyright forgery in 9 posts from 2112 to this one at 2152.
Post by Old Codger
Classic example of CONservation hooliganism being a huge failure.
For decades farming has needed a kick up the arse to bring it in line
with modern work ethics, and business model.
The roots of hunger / The problem today / Breeding animals means
starving people / Where does the animal feed come from? / Who is
Planet on a Plate is an excellent introduction to the problems
wrought by the traditional Western meat-based diet, and the
increasing role that factory farms play in exacerbating an already
dangerous situation.
It was official – black people didn’t have souls. More than that,
they would benefit from the discipline of hard labour provided by
their Christian masters
So you think you know where your food comes from! But how many people
really know how that piece of meat got on their plate?
LOOK video
Many people grow up fishing without ever considering the terror and
suffering that fish endure when they’re impaled by a hook and pulled
out of the water.
As Pete never reads what he posts and desires only to provoke
argument it is safest to assume that anything he espouses is
at least unsafe and probably malicious.
Old Codger
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