British pig slaughter under way
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Old Codger
2008-04-28 12:29:59 UTC
On Mon, 28 Apr 2008 13:03:40 +0100, "Pat Gardiner"
Pat's Note: The reasons given are genuine enough and mirror the "official"
reason given in Canada.
However the uncertainty created by Britain's bent government vets failing to
release a statement on MRSA and C.Diff in Britain's pigs does not help.
Panorama last night can't have helped. Later we will find that all the big
stakeholders have covered themselves financially from tip-offs from inside
The stakeholder nonsense is a licenece for insider trading and fraud on all
the small farmers.
Farmers Take Slaughter Option as Feed Cost Rises
UK - Britain's pig farmers are forecast to post losses of £200 million this
year. An increasing number of them are sending more of their breeding
animals to slaughter to avoid the soaring cost of feed.
According to the Times Online, the British breeding herd has halved over the
past decade to 436,000 sows. Mick Sloyan, who runs the British Pig Executive
(BPEX), an industry association, is predicting a decline of another 10 per
cent this year.
Farmers are making a loss of £22 per animal, according to BPEX, because of
the rising cost of wheat, corn and soya meal. Many are pulling out of
pig-rearing altogether.
Mr Sloyan said: "It's a capital-intensive business. In order to stay in, you
need to invest. In the first three months of the year, there has been a 35
per cent increase in the number of breeding sows sent to slaughter."
Farmers are killing their breeding stock rather than face the cost of
feeding sows and piglets. This reduces further a shrinking industry that
supplies only half the pork and bacon consumed in Britain.
Scandalous to consider the complete and utter disregard these ponces
have for animals that they value their lives as worthless. No doubt a
reflection on the value of their own miserable existence. I would
happily supply free rope to the tossers that felt they wanted to end
it all.

Lazy wankers. All this because they don't want to get a proper job
like the rest of us.

They moan incessantly that no one supports the British Farmer any
more, and this is a clear example of why we don't support them.
Rudy Canoza
2008-04-28 15:09:03 UTC
Post by Old Codger
On Mon, 28 Apr 2008 13:03:40 +0100, "Pat Gardiner"
Pat's Note: The reasons given are genuine enough and mirror the "official"
reason given in Canada.
They are the real reasons. It's purely to keep prices up. Only
conspiratorial-minded nut cases like 'pearl' (lesley) and the confessed
jerk-off runny hamilton would think there's some hidden motive.

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